Treat yourself with CBD Chewing Gum and Get healthy returns

CBD or cannabidiol is increasingly becoming the natural choice when it comes to an alternative medicine with wide ranging health benefits. There are various ways you can get this health-bearing compound into your system including vaping, patches, edibles such as brownies or coffee, pills, CBD skin topicals to apply on your skin, suppositories or even tinctures that can be ingested sublingually.

Some of these methods may not be suitable for you and that shouldn’t stop you from joining millions of users enjoying the varied health benefits of CBD. You can do this by choosing CBD chewing gum.

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What is CBD Oil Gum?

Chewing gum is a tradition that has been around for ages since the Neolithic period. Although early chewers may not have been interested in deriving any health benefits from chewing gum, the objectives are largely the same as today’s consumers – breath-freshening, teeth cleaning and seeking a taste stimuli.

The good news is that you can now get all the benefits of CBD by chewing CBD oil gum which is infused with this natural hemp extract. This is a fun way of ingesting the compound without a lot of fuss while delivering cannabidiol optimally into your body.  By having access to gum in various flavors, the delivery of CBD into your bloodstream can be achieved in optimal doses through your salivary glands, giving you quicker and more sustained relief from whichever medical condition you’re addressing. For example, if you are treating chronic pain, administering CBD through chewing gum Increases the bioavailability of the extract within your body for enhanced relief.

In general chewing gum is known to provide various benefits such as

  • Relieving a dry mouth,
  • Improving breath
  • Protecting teeth
  • Improving concentration and memory
  • Combating stress and anxiety
  • Improving wakefulness

Let us delve deeper and see how CBD chewing gum is changing the way we use CBD.

How does CBD get infused into gum?

Chewing of gum for medicinal purposes can be traced back to the early 1900s. During that period, Aspergum chewing gum was effectively used by patients to deliver aspirin more efficiently for pain relief. Research had established that since chewing gum has a water soluble base, medicine could be delivered in a favorable way to a patient’s system through chewing gum and swallowing the saliva which after rhythmic chews becomes concentrated with the medicine’s active ingredient.

The ingredients used in gum manufacture and their proportions remain proprietary information guarded jealously by manufacturers. However the process of making gum is fairly straightforward.

Natural rubber or latex is used as the base for making chewing gum. Latex is extracted from the sap of various rubber trees or as we have seen in recent years, more manufacturers are turning to synthetic rubbers such as polyethylene, polyvinyl acetate and butadiene-styrene.

The base is then sweetened using natural sugars such as dextrose, corn syrup or cane sugar. Increasingly manufacturers are now using artificial sweeteners like aspartame or saccharine. A typical chewing gum may contain up to 80 percent sweetener. About one percent of the gum is made up of flavoring. Oils extracted from aromatic plants are used to provide popular mint flavors like peppermint or spearmint while artificial flavorings like ethyl acetate and benzaldehyde are used to provide fruit flavors.

Refined vegetable oil is used to make the gum soft and to keep it moist and fresh so that it is easily chewable while butylated hydroxytoluene is used as a preservative. In a nutshell, those are the basic ingredients used in the manufacture of chewing gum and allowed under U.S. Federal regulations.

As mentioned earlier the additional ingredients will vary among different manufacturers. For example some gum makers may use corn starch as filler while others may use calcium carbonate or both.

The process of infusing CBD into the gum, and at what stage, is patented by most manufacturers to keep it secret. The process of compression may differ for different gum makers in their quest to attain a certain level of cannabidiol mix in relation to other ingredients in the chewing gum.

The standard manufacturing process involves grinding the base into a coarse and consistent mixture and cooking it at high temperatures of about 116 degrees Celsius or 243 degrees Fahrenheit. This will result in a thick syrup which is purified and then filtered. After this, the syrup is now mixed with other ingredients like sweeteners followed by flavorings, then softeners. It is at this stage that manufacturers are likely to add the CBD-rich hemp oil. The mixture is then stirred as it is cooked at controlled temperatures. As soon as the mixture is smooth enough, it is cooled gradually by being rolled out and then kneaded by machines to make it rubbery.

The huge mass is flattened by rollers to the desired thickness and then cut into different patterns before it is packaged.

How does one receive CBD through chewing gum?

The bioavailability of CBD in the body depends on the user. The CBD in the chewing gum is gradually released in the saliva of the consumer and if the saliva is swallowed consistently, a more efficient delivery is achieved. If a consumer, on the other hand, spits out the saliva, the dosage that is delivered will drop considerably.

While some people can take CBD through capsules, others may be unable to swallow. It is also notable that inhalants, oils, and capsules take much longer for them to reach the bloodstream and give the user the required dose of medicine.

Consumers who are unable to use the various forms of CBD-infused products like edibles and vapes may find chewing gum a suitable alternative that is easy and delivers the active ingredient much faster compared to inhalation or even the use of drops.

Some emulsifiers found in gum like Lecithin, which is a natural fat, aid in breaking down CBD in the saliva, effectively increasing its absorption in the body. CBD chewing gum will on average contain between 5 and 15 mg of CBD which is ideal for beginners or those who prefer small doses over a long period.

When users chew gum, the cannabinoid in the gum is released and if the saliva is left in the mouth for a while, the CBD is directly absorbed into the bloodstream through the membranes located under the tongue. This can result in the onset of CBD effects within a span of 10 to 15 minutes. This compares to the onset of CBD effects in two hours when the saliva is swallowed and the CBD is metabolized through the digestive system.

What ingredients go into making CBD chewing gum?

As mentioned earlier, manufacturers guard the ingredients they use in making gum to ward off competition. CBD-based chewing gums may contain trace amounts of hemp seed oil. The main ingredients in a CBD chewing gum include a gum base, Xylitol, natural flavors, Sorbitol, Maltitol, silicon dioxide, Stevia, Vegetarian magnesium stearate, and Isomalt.

Mint flavors and other additives may be included to improve the gum’s taste. The ingredients listed above will vary by manufacturer. It is advisable for you to refer to the information on the packaging to find out what is exactly included in the chewing gum.

Does any CBD product, including gum, have side effects?

CBD products like CBD-infused chewing gum contain CBD oil which has been shown to have some side effects on users. Some of the common side effects associated with CBD oil include changes in appetite, a dry mouth, anxiety, dizziness, diarrhea, drowsiness, nausea, and variations in mood. Some reports have pointed out that CBD oil may trigger increased levels of liver enzymes which is an indication of liver damage.

No fatalities have been reported as a result of using CBD oils.

What benefits come with CBD gums?

CBD gums have several benefits including:

  • The active ingredient is delivered quickly into the bloodstream increasing its effectiveness
  • They are an easier alternative to oils, capsules, and pills
  • Provide fresh breath and clean teeth and gums
  • Help to reduce inflammation
  • Used to treat acne
  • Help to reduce anxiety
  • Alleviates cancer symptoms
  • They help to soothe pains and aches

What else should I know about CBD-based gum?

If you need a heavy dose of CBD that can provide relief for chronic pain, then CBD gum may not be the best way to go. However, as a low dose choice, it is very effective in long term accumulation which gives the equivalent healing strength as other methods such as vaping or direct ingestion of CBD oil.

The efficacy of CBD chewing gums is still being studied and your experience will add up to the testimony of others who have shared the results observed after consumption.

Who are the major players producing CBD gum?

The CBD chewing gum space is still nascent and hasn’t been crowded by many players. A few companies have come out strongly and are having a prominent presence online. These are:


This brand is available in a box of 10 pieces of 150mg each. Each gum has 15mg of CBD and is touted to contain 100% natural, organic, food grade ingredients which are 100% biodegradable. The company has its headquarters in Hoofddorp, Netherlands. The company delivers worldwide and they even have a regional office in San Diego, California.


This chewing gum is manufactured by Mastix LTD which is based in Hunt Valley, Maryland. Each gum tablet contains 10mg of CBD and the company indicates that it is made using CO2 extracted Hemp Oil that is rich in CBD. It has a great mint taste with a recommended dosage of one piece per day.

CanChew Gums

CanChew Plus gum is made by a company called CanChew Biotechnologies LLC based in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. Their pricing is a little steep although they claim that the gum is made using full spectrum hemp oil. Each piece of CanChew gum contains 50mg of full-spectrum hemp oil and does not have artificial sweeteners or preservatives.

Final Thoughts

CBD chewing gum is the new kid on the block when it comes to CBD delivery methods. It is the easiest way to get all the health benefits of CBD without the trouble associated with capsules, pills or ill-tasting CBD oils.

CBD chewing gums are discrete, easily portable and come in different flavors. The fact that the CBD released from the gum is quickly absorbed by your oral mucosa, its natural bioavailability is easily maintained. The CBD is therefore absorbed five times faster compared to other forms of oral ingestion.

If the bioavailability can be improved from its current 6%, more people who need a higher dose may be able to fully migrate to CBD chewing gum. The efficacy and ease of use will definitely bring in new users.

If you have a history of seizures or if you are taking other medication, it is advisable to consult a doctor before taking CBD oil gum. Pregnant women are also advised to only use CBD products under a doctor’s supervision.