All The Information About CBD Oil Chicago

There has been considerable increase in the use of CBD across the world to treat various ailments. The World Health Organization released a report in 2017 that indicated that people suffering from pain, cancer, psychosis, anxiety, depression, nausea, inflammation and a myriad of other conditions can greatly benefit from CBD.

According to the WHO report, CBD does not exhibit effects that are indicative of abuse or dependence potential. This distinction has led to a rise in the popularity of this compound which has a biological effect that enables it to treat a variety of medical conditions.

Although there are federal regulations, if you live in Chicago your access to CBD oil depends on the laws governing the state of Illinois.

CBD Oil Chicago Facts

CBD or Cannabidiol is a chemical compound that is extracted from the cannabis plant.  It is among a group of more than 100 compounds called cannabinoids that are found in the cannabis plant.

Whereas a cannabinoid known as THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is found in marijuana, is known to get users stoned, CBD has been proven to be non-intoxicating. This has endeared CBD to health practitioners and patients alike as an alternative to treat a variety of health conditions.

Is CBD Oil Legal In Chicago?

Yes, CBD oil is legal in Windy City. As mentioned above, Chicago is covered under the laws applicable in the state of Illinois. This state is among 37 that have legalized marijuana-based CBD for medical use.

Legislation passed in Illinois forbids hemp-based CBD from having more than 0.3 percent THC content. The bill, which was signed by Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner in November, 2018, legalized industrial hemp cultivation statewide.

Some of these laws are bound to change since President Donald Trump signed the 2018 Farm Bill on December 20, 2018, designating hemp as an agricultural crop.

Remember CBD oil can be extracted from marijuana or from hemp. Both marijuana and hemp belong to the cannabis genus. Cannabis CBD oil is classified as a marijuana extract while hemp CBD oil is a hemp product.

Marijuana based CBD may contain higher levels of THC and is likely to cause euphoria for users. This “high” feeling could result in undesirable side effects like dizziness or paranoia. However, the combination of CBD and THC is said to enhance the healing power of CBD.

If you are based in Chicago and need marijuana based CBD, the only way is to visit a licensed dispensary. Before you visit such a dispensary, obtain a medical cannabis card through the state’s medical program which qualifies patients and assigns them the nearest facility. 

Hemp-derived CBD oil on the other hand does not have the “high” effect and can be obtained legally in Chicago at various outlets.

Where Can You Buy CBD Oil in Chicago?

As mentioned above there are two options when it comes to CBD oil in Chicago. You can purchase CBD oil derived from marijuana or opt for oil made from the hemp plant.

If you opt for CBD oil derived from marijuana the licensed dispensaries will be your port of call. These can be found across Chicago. A few examples are listed below:

  • Dispensary 33 – found at 5001 N Clark St,
  • MOCA (Modern Cannabis Dispensary) – located on 2847 W Fullerton Ave,
  • Columbia Care Illinois – their address is 4758 N Milwaukee Ave,
  • The Herbal Care Center – located on 1301 S Western Ave,
  • Midway Dispensary – found on  5648 S Archer Ave,
  • The Healing Clinic – located on 1443 W Belmont Ave,

In case you prefer CBD oil produced from hemp, a variety of outlets have sprung up across Chicago. They include CBD shops, pop-ups, convenience and grocery stores. We have chosen the most prominent ones to guide you in getting the best CBD oil in Chicago.

Located at 2048 N Damen Ave and 5303 N Clark St, CBD Kratom stocks a variety of CBD oils with trace amounts of THC.

This shop specializes in CBD oils and is located at 6158 W Grand Ave.

On offer is a variety of CBD products in this modern shop found at 2497 N Milwaukee Ave.

The store offers different forms of CBD including CBD oils, creams and edibles. Being a licensed hemp grower, Huxhemp provides insights about the benefits of CBD oil in a friendly environment with their products fairly priced. Their location is at 3714 N Southport.

This is tea shop that specializes in brewing CBD-infused teas in a serene ambience at 624 Grove St, Evanston.

Found at 2500 N Elston Ave, Fresh Thyme Fresh Market sells CBD oil from reliable producers and offers competitive prices.

You may also decide to shop from the comfort of your home by going online. Several CBD oil producers and other vendors have established online stores that provide the convenience of shipping the product to your doorstep and giving you incredible discounts.

The Final Word

If you live in Chicago and are in need of the best CBD oil, the choices are numerous. Since the state of Illinois has legalized its use, you can simply go online and purchase CBD oil from any of the vendors or simply visit a local store. In case you require CBD oil extracted from marijuana you have the option of visiting a licensed dispensary if you have a medical cannabis card.

Further, look for reputable companies that have reliable, positive reviews from users and are committed to quality.

Always insist on CBD oil sourced from organic cannabis and produced using friendly methods such as CO2 extraction to avoid oil contaminated with solvents, pesticides and heavy metals.

And finally, give preference to producers who provide tests from third party labs. This gives you confidence that the product has been verified independently to ensure you are getting high quality and that it contains everything on the label.