Which Is The Strongest Most Potent CBD Oil On The Market Today

CBD (or cannabidiol) is helping millions of people treat and manage dozens of medical conditions in a safe and legal way. Chronic pain, epileptic seizures, nausea, depression, anxiety, insomnia and Alzheimer’s are some of the ailments that CBD has been shown to be potent against.

While CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant, it does not have psychoactive effects like THC (the active ingredient in marijuana). To be able to use CBD effectively, it’s important to know the strength of the extract in determining how much you need since different medical conditions may require varying strengths of CBD.

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What is Considered To Be Strong CBD Oil

CBD strength is defined as the amount of drug in a given form of dosage and is expressed in milligrams. A drug may have two capsules of the same size but different strengths (for example, 500mg and 250mg).  A dose on the other hand is defined as the quantity of medicine that should be taken at one time.

It is important to note that for a single strength of CBD, the dose may be different depending on age, weight and the condition you are treating. Some individuals may require variations in doses if they have developed tolerance to the active ingredient. The way a given drug behaves may also be affected by other medications you are using or the condition you are treating.

The strength of CBD oil varies according to manufacturers. Majority of them will produce different strengths to cater for the diverse needs of consumers. Potency ranges from as low as 100mg to as high as 4,000mg. For example, a bottle of 30ml CBD oil tincture with a strength of 4000mg, will give you 66.6 mgs of CBD per drop.

If you are using CBD for the first time it is advisable to start with lower strengths before gradually moving to more potent versions.

Are There Advantages To Stronger Doses?

When using a stronger dose of CBD oil, you will be able to use a little amount of the oil to get the preferred result. In case you have used the oil for a long time your body may begin to be tolerant. This means that you may not get the same effect from your regular dose. When this happens you will need a stronger dose that will surpass your tolerance level and deliver enough CBD to give you relief.

Some conditions may be severe and will require strong doses to manage. For example, you may be using a 100mg dose to manage mild back pain quite effectively. If this pain escalates to become chronic, you may find the 100mg dose is not working. At this point you may consider upgrading to a more potent dose such as 500mg or higher. CBD oils with higher strengths are more effective and will start working in the body much faster compared with those of lower strengths.

What Are Disadvantages Of Taking A Stronger Dose?

The first disadvantage affects first-time CBD users. If you start with a powerful dose you may find yourself running into trouble later. It is normal for the body to develop tolerance after using a given substance for a period of time. This may happen for CBD and if you started with a strong dose you will require to move higher every time you reach your tolerance level. As a beginner it is critical to begin with a weaker dose and increase gradually as the need may arise.

CBD over-dosage has been found to have no effect on users. An overdose is therefore unlikely to be fatal. However, excessive amounts of CBD may interfere with some enzymes in the liver that are critical for synthesizing medications. When you are taking CBD oils with higher strengths, the amount of CBD you are ingesting is much higher compared to a weaker dose. It is therefore appropriate to consult your doctor in case you are using some other medication to avoid unpleasant reactions.

Although CBD can be used to enhance a healthy body and manage various medical conditions, users have reported several side effects. These include

  • Anxiety
  • Dry mouth
  • Changes in appetite
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Changes in mood.
  • Weight Loss
  • Tiredness
  • Dizziness.
  • Drowsiness.

These side effects can become worse if you are using stronger doses. If you are more prone to these side effects it would be advisable to use weaker doses of CBD oil.

What Are Some Stronger Oils Available Right Now?

The market for CBD is unregulated and with the proliferation of brands it is becoming difficult for consumers to identify which company manufactures the most potent CBD oils. A lot of companies claim to have the purest CBD oils but it is difficult for consumers to verify these clams. To make this work easier for you we have compiled the few brands that offer the strongest, most potent CBD oils. Take a look below:

Hemp Bombs 

Hemp Bombs CBD oil is one of the strongest and most potent CBD oils on the market today. The company based in Tampa, Florida, offers tinctures varying in strength from 300 mg to 4,000 mg. This means that their most potent variant at 4,000 mg will give you 66.6mg of CBD per single serving. This is a very strong dose that may not be suitable for beginners.

If you are looking for something that will offer you effective relief from a chronic condition, the 4,000 mg option, though expensive at around $299, would be your best choice.  With a choice between peppermint and watermelon flavors, you can enjoy the oil in a more palatable form. Some of the key elements of Hemp Bombs CBD oil are:

  • The oil is a Full-spectrum Extract
  • It is Derived from organic, non-GMO, superior-grade Hemp
  • The oil offers a massive 66.6mg CBD per serving
  • Available third-party lab tests confirm that the quality of the Oil is high

Every Day Optimal

Every Day Optimal CBD oil is offered in strengths varying from 300mg to 4,000mg. Recently, the company was offering a 10,000mg version that seems to be out of stock. The company boasts of the world’s most powerful CBD oil that can deal with tough symptoms like chronic pain, migraines, sleeplessness and anxiety. The stand-out features of Every Day Optimal CBD oil include:

  • Extraction from high-quality industrial hemp which is grown in organic conditions
  • 100% THC-free
  • The strongest CBD oil available.

Cannabidiol Life

Cannabidiol Life is another brand that offers CBD oil in strengths of 250mg to 3,000mg and is extracted from 100% organic hemp plants. The brand boasts of the following features:

  • full spectrum hemp oil extract which provides the “Entourage Effect” in every serving
  • 100% organic MCT oil derived from Coconuts
  • Manufactured in a certified Environmental Health Compliant Facility


The strongest CBD oils are in the range of 300mg all the way to 4000mg. Doses with lower strengths have been known to be effective in managing numerous conditions. Remember, you should start with weaker doses of CBD oil and only upgrade when you have built tolerance for that dose. You can also opt for stronger doses if you are dealing with a chronic condition that is difficult to handle.

The CBD market is growing exponentially due to increasing demand as more people discover the numerous health benefits of this cannabis extract. With this growth comes the possibility of inferior quality products finding their way to consumers. Due diligence on your part as a consumer is advised if you want to get value for money.

When choosing the most potent CBD oil you will check the strength of the oil but it is important to look at other components of the oil that can be critical in your well being.

Find a way of determining your optimal dosage. Begin with a small amount of CBD for a few weeks and gradually increase your dosage while making observations on any symptoms. This should happen until you get results. If the results are not satisfactory you can then proceed to a higher dose.

Ensure that the oil you buy is extracted from organic hemp. This helps you avoid plant extracts contaminated with pesticides and herbicides.

Companies with third party tests indicate that they are reputable and have allowed independent labs to verify their products for quality.